Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Exprs? 

Exprs is India’s first hyper last mile services company that facilitates security & convenience to gated communities and corporates.

What is onepoint? 

onepoint is a collection, storage and delivery point within the premises of community/corporate.

Does onepoint collect and deliver from Amazon, Swiggy, Flipkart? 

Yes, onepoint collects and delivers from all the major e-commerce and food companies in India. 

Does onepoint collect and deliver from any 3rd party or small party? 

Yes, onepoint collects and delivers from any 3rd party or small party

Is there a weight restriction?

Yes, we collect and deliver parcels with weight less than 5kgs

Does onepoint collect cash on delivery (COD) orders? 

Yes, cash on delivery parcels will be collected at onepoint and delivered to your doorstep. 

Can I drop anything at onepoint?  

Yes, you can drop keys, clothes, cylinders etc at onepoint and pick-up later. 

Can onepoint pick up cylinders for me when I am not home? 

Yes, we can collect cylinders and keep it as requested. You can collect cylinders at your convenience on the same calendar day. 

If I am not there at home, who will collect my parcel? 

onepoint can collect and keep the parcel if the resident is not available on request. The parcel can be delivered once the resident is back. The parcel is kept for a maximum of two days. 

What is the customer care number of onepoint? 

Our Central Customer Care Team are reachable at +91 95152 95152

How long does onepoint take to deliver a food parcel? 

We deliver within an average time 8 - 10 minutes or earlier. Time depends on the community.  

Will I get notifications when the parcel is at onepoint? 

If the order is placed with our partner companies, you will get notification from e-commerce or food company wherever you ordered from and another notification from onepoint. If the product is from non-partner companies, you will get the notification from onepoint on receipt of parcel & on delivery.

When onepoint receives the parcel, does it mean the parcel is delivered? 

It means that the parcel has been received by the team at one point and the responsibility of delivering the parcel lies with the onepoint team. For orders from our partner companies, the deliver fulfilment happens only after delivering the order to end customer. 

Is onepoint insured against theft or fire accident? 

Every onepoint is insured against any theft or fire accident.

How can onepoint deliver at peak hours for food particularly? 

Our technology & analysis of the previous delivery data helps us optimise operations. However, as we start the services and refine operations we increase/decrease the fleet size to deliver world class service experience.

Does authorization needed from my end to let onepoint receive the parcel? 

We will require your authorisation to collect any important legal documents on your behalf. For other deliveries, we act as a third party service provider to most of the online & offline companies. 

How is the food tampering issue solved through this model?

Any order is picked up at the gated, then transit to onepoint and delivered to the customer. All the gated communities are CCTV monitored. We also equip our points with wifi cameras to monitor any tampering

How secure is my data?

Your data is 100% secure. We do not sell your data or intrude into your privacy. We adapt strict data protection policies.

Who is responsible for the damaged or lost parcel?

SLA are in place with 3rd party delivery companies. Any damage to the parcel post receipt at onepoint will be borne by Exprs. Any damage found after opening the parcel shall be taken up with the origin company only. In case of any loss at onepoint, Exprs will take the entire responsibility including the declared value of the parcel. 

What are the operational timings of onepoint?

onepoint is operational from 10 AM to 11 PM. We will soon take care of 5AM-10AM interval.

What is the escalation matrix of any complaint?

You can complain at source company’s application or Exprs application. For example if your swiggy order contains one less item, you can raise complaint in swiggy or in Exprs. We will escalate the issue from our end. 

Each onepoint has a localised customer service desk. You can reach out to the captain of onepoint anytime. In case of no response, you may reach out to

Central Customer Care Team - , 95152 95152 

Ops Manager -



Whom should I give feedback?

You can download our application and feedback/suggestions can be shared directly or you can write us at

What are the services offered by onepoint currently?

Currently we offer the following services,

  1. Online, eCom & Food Deliveries: All orders placed online will be collected the gate and further micro distributed as per SOP of the organisation
  2. Travel Services: Flight/Train/Bus tickets & cab Services all over India
  3. Printing Services: All the documents can be printed without moving out from the community
  4. Courier Services: Send anything to anywhere in the world from the gated community you live in
  5. Drop Services: Drop anything that needs to be handed over to someone authorised by you.

We have many exciting futuristic services lined up to get you the true sense of convenience & luxury living in a community. 

What services can I expect from onepoint in future?

Ask us anything that you wish to have and based on the demand, we will push ourselves to get those services to your doorstep.

How do I return a parcel after it’s delivered?

Customer shall send a request to the company/website where the product is purchased from. If the origin company is our partner, we collect it immediately on getting notified from e-commerce company. If the company is not a partner, we will fulfil the requirement as per customer instructions.

Can I reject/not accept a parcel that’s with onepoint?

Yes, you are free to do if the e-commerce/food/online company is our partner. Else customer will have to follow the standard return procedure.